Whose blood is this?



Hi :)


Huh. I guess there was kind of an April Fools thing this year by accident. I forgot to renew the site domain name. Fixed it earlier today. I can't really promise updates, but it kinda confuses me that people are still looking at this webspace. I stop by to check my numbers every now and then and there are like... people? looking at my website? consistently?????? still????????? Bizarre. If you were part of that random peak on the first of April, thank you. The joke was on me this time. See you around.


Finished RABBITQUEST! Also added a link to my ABOUT where you can see all of my NEOPETS. Well, most of them.


Swapped the Daft Punk music player out for The Alan Parsons Project. The Daft Punk MIDIs were really underwhelming, but these new ones are kind of insanely well put together. Go check that out.


Added a new ABOUT page. It's sort of hidden on purpose... Click the grim reaper on the main page to see it!


Added the Garden path to RabbitQuest! Did you know there are two endings that I consider "winning"? (The Garden and the Present). I still have one more path to add before I consider the first version of the game completed, but I have all that stuff written. I just need to drop it all onto the site. There's a lot that I've scrapped just for a more streamlined experience. As the game stands now, I think it's like 85% finished. Stay tuned for the Hall of Mirrors. :)


How's it going? I'm trying to get back in the habit of working on the website. I feel like as it stands now it's really gimmicky and doesn't have much to say for itself. It's basically just a curated gallery of GIFs, which does not a website make. Maybe I'll actually get around to finishing RabbitQuest, or publish some of my writing again... The gallery of my drawings wasn't supposed to be so temporary, but I don't really like having my art here. That's not what this place is for. I don't really know what it is for, but it's not plugging commissions. Low point of the site's lifetime


Sorta rebuilt the site, but since I've forgotten a lot of HTML that really just meant salvaging old code and polishing it up a bit to make it look new. How do you like it? Oh wait, you can't reply. I disabled the Guestbook in hopes of building a better one. Those two comments really got to me.