Quite A Lot, Actually.

I rebuilt the entire site from scratch. I had been meaning to. Goodbye, Pathologic icons. It was fun while it lasted. I'm very happy with the new layout and with the way the site is structured now, but I think I'll be retiring this log and putting together something of my own. I might delete this one, I haven't decided yet... I have enough space with the Supporter boost that I can definitely get away with keeping it up, deprecated as it may be. The old site layout is archived, so maybe this will stay up and only be linked there...? From now on, site updates will be catalogued elsewhere, and my own personal ramblings will be confined to their own pages somewhere near that realm. There are a few things hidden on work-in-progress pages (namely a new Graphics directory that I'm still working on) so I'll be putting together a little scrollbox mini-blog or something in secret and linking it when it's ready. This is the final entry I'll be listing in the old journal. I'll probably come back to it once the new site log space is set up to link that page.