Too Late on the Edit for This Post to Be timestamped Accurately Anymore, Oh No! Whatever.

Remember what I said about falling into despair this semester? That's happening. [Edit 2022-03-03]: This post used to be like eight paragraphs but it does not need to be. I went thru and held down my delete button on my phone. Felt right to do. my eyes feel like they're bleeding, why is my brightness so low?

I am enjoying working on the site again, and building it up for fun does keep me sane, but I do have to be cautious with keeping this pursuit from precluding all others.

As such: going forward, RabbitQuest I: Limbi Machinarii will be updated... sparsely, I think. I still work on it even when I'm not working on it. I sketch things out on paper before I take to slamming my head against my keyboard until each node becomes a functional HTML page.

Site Updates [2022-03-02]