That Was A Little Dramatic

I'm feeling better. I figured I'd be alright.

It's been a minute since I posted, but I've basically just been Recovering. I got pretty drunk with my cousins at a barcade. It's been a pretty long time since we were all together. We were very close as kids, but time marches on. We've all been busy and moving around a lot. Keeping in touch has been something of an afterthought. I'm living at home again, though, so I'll probably see them more frequently than just on birthdays and holidays. I've still yet to have a negative coming out experience anywhere other than in the house I live in. Little victories, but the real victory eludes me still.

I'm on my meds again, which is to say "playing Fallout: New Vegas (2011)". Whatever works, you know? I want to keep working on the site, but I'm kind of running out of ideas for things to add aside from text adventures and my written work, and those are both whole endeavours within themselves that I'm nervous to commit to. I have quite a lot I'd like to archive here, but I'm... developing perfectionist tendencies that make it somewhat difficult to share my writing. I suppose the way to overcome that is just to do it.

Also, since I don't think I've mentioned it: a lot of the link graphics on this site are ripped straight from Pathologic. Shoutout to TGA for the MEGA drive folder with all of those. Absolutely godsent.

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