Brief hiatus.

I'll be visiting my partner in New York this weekend and I'm leaving my laptop at home in an attempt to keep myself from doing any work during the break, which I guess also means no site updates. Sorry. This is both of our "birthday presents" - he turns 22 tomorrow, and I turn 21 on the tenth. I won't be there for that, though. I'll return Monday afternoon. At long last, I'll be able to legally purchase nicotine products again. I bought my Juul when I was 18 and I think they changed the legal age that same year. I don't actually remember though. I should've been grandfathered in or something, Jesus Christ. It's been a difficult three years. Do not ever start smoking or vaping.

Quick entry tonight. I'm hoping to set myself on a comfortable track with school when I get back, so for right now, that just means keeping up. Completing an assignment two days early tonight, and cleaning up my notes pretty extensively when I return... I don't know how I ought to go about posting them. Would I get kicked out of school for sharing my own personal notes online...? I know it's super illegal (well, school-illegal) to share any of the actual class materials. Whatever. I'll figure it out.

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