Dear God, it's cold.

I wasn't half as busy as I thought I'd be today, so I started to clean up my room a little. This is where I lived sometimes in high school, but it's not really like a "childhood bedroom" or anything like that. My dad's side of the family moved in here when I was around fifteen or something. Regardless, there's a lot of my old junk here, and the room hasn't been changed all that much. The posters on the walls are the most... let's say "nostalgic".

I compltely restocked a bookshelf (good riddance to the hard copies of Homestuck acts 1-3, and the ironically-stolen copy of Atlas Shrugged) and set up a TV on a stand with some more shelves below it. My Switch charger was left somewhere, so I'm using my younger brother's. It definitely got slammed in a car door by accident at some point and the tip's a little screwy, but it works. I'm doing just about everything I can to make my time living here less grueling, but there's only so much I can do on a certain front... I have tried. It goes nowhere. My only respite is whatever space I curate for myself here.

I suppose I am called how I ought to be in school, so that's another. My usual study space is blocked off to a degree right now thanks to a new bathroom being installed adjacent to my closet (well, they're splitting the old bathroom). It's coming along, but I'm waiting to start properly cleaning that area out for long-term use until it's complete. It's a walk-in closet, but for me, it's an office. My old computer has been set up in there for a few years. I used it to play through the original release of Pathologic for the walkthrough I keep putting off converting into a word document and posting.

I've moved around a lot in my life. This house has been a pretty consistent home base, but I've also been back and forth and never really "lived" here. As I was finishing out high school I lived in an RV with my mom, but she sold it and moved to Europe when I went to college. There I bounced between two college dormitory buildings that don't exist anymore (I'll get to talking about that sometime), and then I lived in an apartment for the past two years. This is the only place I have now, which is... New, I guess. I don't want to call it home, but what other word is there?

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