Still alive.


2022-11-01 // 01 November 2022

Say goodbye to all of this. We're starting from scratch. I'm going to be keeping some of my old favorite pages intact for now, and will be archiving this layout. Time to start anew.

2022-08-19 // 19 August 2022

Oh hey. Got a job, fixed a typo. I'm really not sure what to do with the site going forward except to actually build the LABORATORIES and to make small fun things occasionally. I'm thinking of moving back to the old layout.

2022-08-01 // 01 August 2022

Hello there. Guess who went five days in inpatient psychiatric care last month! I've opened the GALLERY as a place to store and display my art and to advertise commissions. There were some problems with the links yesterday, but the pages are now set up the way they will stand indefinitely, except for the addition of new art from time to time. I'm having trouble getting a job right now, so if you're interested in purchasing a commission, please, please shoot me an e-mail. I've been playing a lot of Neopets for the past month, and will probably make a page here related to it. Working on a few articles as well, but none of them is ready to post. Hope everyone is doing well out there. I'm trying to get back into updating regularly again. Sort of forgot how to write HTML, but I've been practicing again with Neopets petpages.

2022-06-28 // 28 June 2022

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been a little busy, but mostly just out of sorts... I'm working on a few things that will end up here eventually. Editing the website is a pretty low priority at the moment for me, though. Just wanted to drop by and give a little "proof of life" update. I've got a job interview tomorrow and I'm a little behind in school. I'm working on it. Hope everyone's doing well out there in cyberspace. The only thing I did to the website today was fix a typo on the WRITING page directory that I only just noticed. It's just been sitting there all month. How awful.

2022-06-06 // 06 June 2022

Hi all! Started migrating the APRIL-MAY layout pages to the ARCHIVES. The main pages have been moved and tweaked to display a little better with the default font. Plenty of loose ends and a good deal of leftover iffy formatting on the others, though. Also re-instated the old POETRY layout because I just love it too much and haven't added anything new. If it ain't broke, et cetera. The previous pages will also be added to the archives, but they're a mess structurally right now and I don't really want to go down that particular rabbithole at the moment. I have a few ideas floating around in my head for the next article-style post as well. I had a lot of fun with the one mentioned in the last site update log, and would like to do more going forward!

2022-06-02 // 02 June 2022

Went ahead and published the TAROT article instead of just waiting for the poll to wrap up. It'll keep running, though. Just don't vote for Tarot because that's already been written and added to the WRITING page directory, which I'll probably clean up a little more as I get around to filling it with content. Also actually implemented the WEBRINGS page, but it's pretty barebones for now. I just want to have this stuff visible again.

2022-06-01 // 01 June 2022

Happy Pride! May the season not be sullied by corporate cashgrabbery. I've added a little (externally generated) poll to the front page because I want to write more long-form posts, but I'm indecisive. It will run until June 7th, and the winning topic will be Considered, but not necessarily regarded as a final ruling. Personally, I'm pulling for pro wrestling. Edit: Feels only right to shout out Neocities user tonicfunk. I found Pollcode through his site, and this might become a regular thing.

That might be all for today, but it's too early to say for sure. I got a new laptop (well, a refurbished 2017 laptop) and spent part of my day moving files over from my old one on a flash drive. Planning to back up the site again soon. I've also been preparing for summer semester. Did you guys know I need about fifteen more credit hours to earn my Associate of Science degree? It's been a weird journey, and it's taken me a little longer than it probably should've... but I'm still feeling pretty stoked. x_x

2022-05-31 // 31 May 2022

Tweaked the LABORATORIES page just a little and added a link to Let's Learn Together!, whose Neocities website is such an amazing example of the sort of thing I want to use my own site to promote that I can't believe I didn't add it there sooner. Major thanks to Sage for maintaining LLT and for giving me permission to spotlight it!

I'm happy with the way the new layout is shaping up, but I'm taking classes this summer, so it might take me some time to get around to cleaning up everything. I'm still figuring out the style conventions I'd like to adhere to. It's hard for me not to plaster GIFs everywhere like funny little moving stickers, though. Maybe this will allow for a resurgence of the dedicated graphics pages that I used to have around here (and still do, they're just a bit hidden). Speaking of graphics, I've tweaked my favorite page on this whole site just to have an excuse to mention it here more specifically.

Additionally, I've patched some of the pretentiousness out of my Site Manifesto, but only some. If you want to see it, I'm sorry, but in keeping with tradition, you'll have to go find it yourself! I've also changed my S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats on my ABOUT after hearing some convincing arguments from a very close friend.

2022-05-28 // 28 May 2022

Quite a lot going on here. New HOMEPAGE, new ABOUT, and modified LABORATORIES. Also reworked the WRITING page and added something completely new! I'm retiring the old log format and archiving all of that junk. Site updates/notes will be posted on this page, and things that would've gone on the (also retired) Microbelog will be henceforth posted on the Writing landing page so I'm inclined to make them of higher quality.

Anyway. The old site had so many problems that I don't even know where to start in naming them. The way I had the whole thing set up is embarassing. I manually resized div heights for a month and still had it displaying wrong on plenty of pages. It varied from browser to browser and from machine to machine. The font I was using started driving me crazy as soon as I was writing things that are longer than a paragraph. This layout is focused on readability, but also sets me up to be able to add and change things relatively easily. I think it's pretty good for the kind of thing I like to do around here.