Whose blood is this?





I'm playing Skyrim for the first time in ages... I'm actually having a lot of fun, but I do also have 109 mods installed off the Workshop. Added a kinda silly bonus page to the Jukebox and noticed that it was taking the WebAmp skins from the side site I use for testing things instead of pre-dead proper, so that's been fixed on all Jukebox pages.


It's not even finals yet... God help me, I'm going through it. I'll be around again soon. The "Back" button on the Contact page was broken, so I fixed that, but that's all. Still recovering from the brain poisoning. Thinking a lot about the Haruspex when I have other things to do. A familiar dilemma...


Upcoming exams and flareups of Pathologic brain poisoning do not go well together. No site updates. Just considering doing a bit of proselytizing. Maybe I'll feel unstable enough this week to write The Post. About those guys. With the left and the right hands grasping the head, you know? Have you heard about this? I've gotta tell ya. I forgot to mention that I'd edited this page very slightly. Sequelae is coming along nicely, but it's currently going in a direction I didn't really anticipate. The words just keep appearing in this Google doc - how in the hell am I almost at 17,000 already?


Added yet another Microbelog post about Pathologic and made a new style rule about Microbelog posts generally. The font on this site makes it particularly difficult to read longer entries in the current format, so those pages have been tweaked to display a clearer default font. I might end up changing things up site-wide in that department soon. There are a few things about some of my style conventions that have been annoying me for a while. Stay tuned for such exciting changes as mild tweaks to the color of a:visited.


Added the Retronaut webring links to the new layout as well as adding the new Geekring links! Thank you, Geekring! I might figure something different out for how the various webring links are displayed here, but I think this'll do for now. I've also written a new Microbelog post to celebrate Pathologic: Classic HD infecting my brain a year ago exactly and leaving me with various ailments.


Added more to the entry below for some reason. Working on some smaller things, but the site is good to go for a while. I can't think of anything else to do here for now... It's a good feeling. Hope everyone's doing alright. Maybe spend some time in Midi City if you're so inclined. Recommended activity on current landing page: Turn on the Fallout ambient music, then use the other player too. Imagine that one's a holotape you found and can scroll through freely as you roam around the irradiated corpse of the planet. Maybe you've got a WinAmp equivalent on your Pip-Boy, I don't know.


Added something pretty cool and changed the sidebar links off of the even worse placeholder than the previous. The page formerly labeled "DIRECTORY" is now "SITEMAP", and it has been redesigned and updated. The Pathologic walkthrough page has also been edited - linked back to The Gorkhon Archives (who very kindly added it to the "Extra Resources" page there when I linked the published Google doc on Reddit all those months ago... the link there has been updated to lead to the files hosted here) and added Steam and GOG store links for Pathologic Classic HD! For those interested but not quite sold, TGA has game demo links on their Downloads page. Also keep in mind that Classic HD goes on sale for 90% off on Steam fairly regularly. I feel like this is as good a place as any to mention that I still haven't finished Pathologic 2, but that's okay. Neither has Ice-Pick Lodge! ... I say that with love (and I'll make a post about what I really mean here soon).


Very, very small update. I didn't realize the link to the Pathologic landing page in the entry below was a little outdated. I had changed the folder from "/downloads" to "/walkthrough", and I guess I forgot to edit the link here in the update log to reflect that. Shoutout to Tyoma for catching the broken link! The secret guestbook is a wonderful thing. Also, if you're the type to follow an RSS feed, here is the one I mentioned yesterday. There's... somewhat secret content in there. I'm using NewsBlur as my RSS aggregator, but I don't follow anyone else yet.


Created the landing page for three versions of the completed part of my Pathologic (2006) "walkthrough" - which is really more of a document designed to hook people into playing it themselves. Fair warning: it's 20,000+ words and the preferred format (the .pdf with uncompressed screenshots) is 223 pages. Go ahead and give it a read if you have the time, especially if you've never heard of the game and/or like the sort of content I write here. Also tweaked the homepage just a little and started putting together a custom RSS update feed (that I might abandon eventually).


I've been busy. Started redoing my About page. Disabled my Neocities profile and comments thereupon and removed the Guestbook from the sidebar on all pages (it's still in the site map). This is generally part of an effort to remove the ideas of likes, follows, and comments from my psyche entirely because it all just stresses me out to no end. Just bookmark the homepage if you care that much about whatever it is I'm doing here. There's a new Microbelog screed, the Laboratory has been updated to reflect its true purpose, and the Preferred Theme for Scrolling Through PRE-DEAD.NET has been added at the bottom of the remodeled homepage. I highly recommend exploring the site with foregone.umx on loop in the background.


Adjusted the Contact email and added the content warning to RabbitQuest that should've been there from the outset. The game isn't that graphic, but it's only fair.


Flipped the site upside down for April Fools because I felt like I should do something. I always loved silly little easter eggs like that in other things. There's a screencap on the Archives if you missed it. Also: set up a proper domain name for the site! pre-dead.net is live!


Dropped the HTML/CSS Periodic Table of Elements I've been building these past two days into the site, but there's still a bit of work to do on that page and I've yet to really "proofread" it. If you wanna see it (and you should look - I'm pretty proud of it) it's here for your viewing pleasure. It is not linked properly anywhere else. That's all for today.


Added the Yesterweb links back to the site (at the bottom on the homepage). I kept forgetting to put it back after the redesign, but my portion of the ring is intact again. Also created the Microb(e)log linked on this very page, just to give me something to do more frequently inbetween larger updates and all. Linked a new Contact page on the Laboratory, where the site email is published.


Added another line to my About. The Favorites page is brand new (and was very fun to put together)! Also linked my Discogs profile as a placeholder for my own collection(s) page that will be added eventually (under Shelves in the Directory).


Moved all of my poetry to the new Writing page, which can be found in the site's Directory on the sidebar. I really like how these are implemented now, with their little graphics... The page is set up to include other things as well in the future - I have some essays I've been meaning to rework and post here.


Easing back into site updates after a short hiatus. Minor tweaks to the Laboratory/Laboratories in anticipation of adding some neat things down the line. Each of them is rather ambitious, but... watch that space. Also, reached 50 followers on Neocities. Pretty crazy.


Hit 20,000 site views! As thanks, there are some of my pixel gifs and backgrounds from a few years ago up for grabs on the Free Stuff page. Created this new update log, where all future site edits will be listed. Added the Archives, where you can view the old site. I'll be archiving all future site layouts there if I decide to change things up again. Also added some fun little graphics to the bottom of my About page. The Scrapyard is now listed as "Gallery" in the directory. Officially retired the Arcade, which can still be viewed on the Archives.


Reworked the entire website and created a new visual style for all pages. Added a sidebar with the important links: the Laboratory and dedicated About page, but also the Guestbook and Directory, where all current (and some future!) pages are listed. Several things have been moved or are in the process of being moved. As of right now, the old Graphics and Text pages are only accessible through the Archives, but their contents will be restored eventually.

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