Whose blood is this?




A Few Of My Favorite Things, A-Z (By Category)

Animal Crossing villager: Rudy. He's just the best. I love him.

Beetle: Alaus oculatus, the "eyed click beetle". Runner up: Lycoreus alluaudi... another click beetle. Elateridae in general. (They kip-up and play dead. What more could you want?)

Cartoon: The Itchy & Scratchy Show.

Dangerous activity: Never you mind.

Epidemiology fact: Literally anything to do with the Corrupted Blood incident that
plagued World of Warcraft in 2005.

Fruit: I'm partial to mangoes.

Ghoul: Vampires. Easy. Next.

Home decor: Candles. Practical, if potentially dangerous when left unattended.

Internet niche: The reason I'm on Neocities in the first place, The Gorkhon Archives.

Job I've worked: I was an auxiliary summer camp counselor for a period of time. I loved
being outside and smelling millipedes.

Kidney function: ...I couldn't think of anything else for the K. I'm pretty grateful for the
waste processing/disposal bit. Take a minute to thank your kidney(s)!

Leaves: Ginkgo. I think they're cute.

Month: October.

Number: 7 if we're talking single digits. 171 if we are not.

Original soundtrack: Toss-up between Pathologic (2005) and Fallout 2 (1998). I use both for
study music. My Chrysalis Highwayman heals my soul.

Paint media: Gouache, mostly because it's fun to say.

Question word: "Why?"

Radiohead song: Scatterbrain.

Sound: Heavy rain against a metal roof and the thunder that might accompany it.

Time of day: Midnight exactly.

Unreal Tournament map: Facing Worlds.

Vegetable: I quite like carrots.

Weather: Perhaps I'm being a little redundant with this one, but I do really love the rain, especially in autumn. Also a fan of heavy snow.

X_X This list is updated frequently, either for new categories or different answers, depending on how I'm feeling. Maybe one day I'll think of something for X.

Yard sale search focus: You know I'm on the hunt for used media of all kinds.

Zoology branch: Entomology. I have developed an inordinate fondness for beetles.