Whose blood is this?





DOB: 2001-02-10.

FEELING: www.imood.com.


My name is Daniel, but you can call me Dan if you want. I'm a 21-year-old community college student with a lovely boyfriend, a psychic cat, and a few chemical dependencies. I love to learn new things and am prone to developing intense fixations that range in duration from days to years. Presently, I am a few semesters away from earning an Associate of Science degree.

I spent a bit of time as an illustration student, but the only thing I really learned from that is that I don't want to be a professional illustrator. Instead, now I'm trying my damnedest to get into medical school somewhere. It's not going to be easy to even get to the point where I can apply, but I like a challenge... Agh. I feel like I'm talking about myself too much here, but what else is a page like this for?

SHORT-TERM DIRECTIVE(S): Finish undergraduate studies; care for familiar.

LONG-TERM DIRECTIVE(S): Become two kinds of doctor; do not die prematurely.

PRIMARY FUNCTION: Pursue new developments in the field of human neuroticism.

LIKES: Collecting meaningful objects; reading by candlelight; guessing correctly.

DISLIKES: War and any other monetization of human suffering; the smell of hops distilling.

EXTRAS: Some favorite things and my Discogs profile.