Whose blood is this?


DOB: 2001-02-10.

FEELING: www.imood.com.


Hey there! Welcome to my website! My name is Dan. I'm a 22 year old college student with terrible time management skills. I'm currently working towards an Associate of Science degree, and in my free time, I draw pictures and play Neopets! I hope you have fun exploring my online space.

This website is a little bit of everything. I like to make text adventures, e-shrines, and collections of things, so you'll see a lot of that here. There's a philosophy behind the structure and form of this space, but it's a little silly. Basically, you live forever online whether you want to or not, so I am curating my site to be a little virtual capsule for my soul.

Still curious? Click here for my results on some internet quizzes, click here for a massive collection of images I think are cool, and click here to play the game I made with my brain and my hands.